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Dave Doughnut presents a fun-filled traditional Punch & Judy show which is enjoyed by children and adults alike. Using a full size, red and white striped, professional Punch & Judy booth and beautiful hand-carved wooden puppets.It makes a real feature at any event. The show is often seen at many Fetes, Fun days, Carnivals and other events. Dave has performed at some events for over 10 years and is booked year after year and his Punch & Judy always draws a large crowd. The show is completely self contained and uses battery powered amplification when and if required.
Dave in Action
The action packed story follows the antics of Mr Punch, Judy, the Baby, the Policeman and many other characters including everybody's favourite The Crocodile. A Punch & Judy show is always a delight to see. Dave can perform a single show or he can schedule multiple shows over the course of the day or afternoon. Dave will display the times of the show when known or he will simply perform as and when appropriate.
Dave's Punch & Judy show can also be booked along with other entertainment such as magic shows, walkabout entertainment and balloon modelling. Please see the Events section of the website for more information. Dave can also include his Punch & Judy show as part of his party entertainment packages.
Over the years Dave has performed his show at many different types of events and occasions from small village fetes to larger events such as those organised by councils and corporate organisations. He has also performed his show in Covent Garden, London where Punch & Judy was first seen in England in 1662.
Dave is also able to offer his Punch & Judy show in schools and has put together a special package suitable for school children. This is very popular as children learn about The Seaside and The Victorians as part of the national curriculum. Dave will do a brief talk about the show and all its origins and history. He will also talk about the puppets and the props used in the show as well as the booth. Dave will explain how it all works and how he performs the show. He will also explain how Mr Punch gets his funny voice.
Dave and Dog
Following the talk, Dave will present his fun filled traditional Punch & Judy show for all the children and teachers to enjoy. After the show the children have the chance to ask Dave questions about Punch & Judy and some of them are invited to come and handle the puppets and have a go at doing the show themselves. The school package lasts up to one hour and really brings learning to life.
Dave has performed his school package in hundreds of schools throughout East Anglia and is invited back to many of them every year. He also regularly works in museums where he performs his show and talk for groups of children visiting the museum to learn about the seaside. Dave's Punch & Judy show is also suitable for old people's homes and adult groups. Audiences love to travel back to their childhood and enjoy a traditional Punch & Judy show again. Dave can also present a talk about the show for the adults, similar to his school presentation.
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