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Dave Doughnut is always happy to answer any questions you may have about his services. Below are some of the most frequently asked questions and clicking on any of them will reveal the answer. If you still have any unanswered queries after looking through the list, please contact Dave at the numbers above or visit our Contact Us page for other methods of getting in touch.
Q1: Which areas do you work in?
Dave is based in Wymondham, Norfolk and performs in Norfolk, Suffolk, Cambridgeshire, Essex, Hertfordshire and Lincolnshire. However Dave is always prepared to travel outside these areas if required.
Q2: How long do your shows last?
Dave has many different shows available from a 30 minute Punch & Judy show to being able to perform at all day events for several hours. For birthday parties the longest time Dave performs is 2 hours with a break for food. This is the perfect length of time for children of all ages.
Q3: How many children can I invite?
The only time Dave puts a limit on the numbers is if he is performing his 1 hour show with balloon modelling which is limited to 20 guests. This is due to the time involved in making balloon animals on the day. For all other packages there is no limit on the numbers. Over the years Dave has performed to audiences of all sizes, from a few children at a house party to several thousand at outdoor events.
Q4: Can we have the party at home?
Yes! Dave often performs in houses, ideal if you are having just a few party guests and family attending. Many people choose to hire a hall which is a better idea when larger numbers are attending. There are many church or village halls available for hire. Dave has worked in hundreds of these over the years and can recommend which ones are suitable for you.
Q5: Should I book the hall before the entertainer?
Its always best to book the entertainer first. Dave, like many entertainers, often does several shows a day so if you have booked the hall at a certain time you may not be able to get an entertainer to fit in with your plans. There are many more halls than there are children's entertainers.
Q6: Can we have the party at any time we want?
Dave often does several shows a day so he may already be booked for the time you want. A bit of flexibility on times is always useful. Dave's most popular party times are 11.00am -1.00pm or 3.00pm - 5.00pm. However he will work at any time that you require him to as long as it can be fitted into his day.
Q7: How long should we hire the hall for?
It is good to hire the hall or community centre for an additional 30 minutes either side of the actual party time. This allows for comfortably setting up the hall and clearing up afterwards. It also allows your entertainer to be set up and ready before the children begin to arrive.
Q8: Can we have the party during the week?
Yes! Being a full time children's entertainer, Dave is available for parties and events seven days a week. He often performs after school parties which normally run from 4.00pm - 6.00pm. This is ideal if your child's birthday is on a weekday and/or you are not able to book Dave at the weekend.
Q9: How much space will you need?
Dave can always adapt his show to fit into the allotted performance area but please do try to give him as much room as possible. A hall with an area about half the size of a badminton court is ideal. If the hall is too large it can be more difficult to control the party so Dave will then create a boundary to make the party area smaller.
Q10: What prizes do you provide for the party? 
For the party games Dave will supply all the prizes required. These are normally medals, badges, bottles of bubbles, balloon animals and colouring books & sheets. Very occasionally Dave may supply sweets for the children as prizes. This is usually only if he is playing pass the parcel or working in a holiday centre. Dave has a large variety of games, and will select appropriate ones for the audience he is performing to.
Q11: Can we have a joint party?
Yes! Dave often performs at joint parties for children of similar ages. It is a great idea and you can of course share the party costs with another parent.
Q12: What do we have to supply?
Dave will bring everything he needs for the party or event. One 13 amp socket is useful but Dave can adapt and use his battery powered amplification if needed. A parking space as close to the performance area as possible is much appreciated as Dave has lots of equipment to unload. For birthday parties you will just need to supply the food, birthday cake, any decorations and possibly party bags should you decide to do your own (see Q13).
Q13: Do you supply party bags?
Yes! Dave can optionally supply party bags at a very reasonable cost for all your guests to take home. He can also supply balloon animals for all the children at the party and magic wands for all the party guests to take home as well. Please look at the Party Extras page on this website for more information on this service.
Q14: How much notice do you require?
It's never to early to book. Busy times such as Christmas and summer events are often booked a year in advance. Weekends also book up very quickly and are often arranged 6 months in advance. As soon as you decide to have a party please do not hesitate to contact Dave. Even at short notice there is always a chance that Dave may still be able to fit you in so its worth getting in touch to check his availability.
Q15: Do we need to bring music?
No! Dave has all the music needed for the party or event so you don't need to worry about bringing music. If your child has a favourite song (or artist) please let Dave know and he will do his very best to bring it along.
Q16: Do you supply invitations?
Yes! Dave can provide his personalised invitations for the party at no extra cost. Please look at the Party Extras pages of the website where you can download and print them out . To save you time, you only need to fill in one invitation and then simply print out as many as you require.
Q17: What age group do you perform for?
Dave can provide entertainment for children of all ages but recommends starting at 3 years and then upwards to the age of 12yrs. Dave does not recommend his entertainment for children younger than 3yrs. Dave also performs in holiday centres were he can adapt his show for a family audience and he has a special version of his Punch & Judy show for adults. This includes a fascinating talk about this most tradditional of puppet shows. Dave can also adapt his show for special-needs audiences, just let him know at the time of booking.
Q18: How do we book and pay?
A small deposit is required to secure the date and time slot. This can be made on the Make a Payment page of this website or by bank transfer, cash or cheque. The balance is payable on the day of the party in cash. Other payment methods are available for larger organisations and businesses.
Q19: What happens if we cancel?
Should you decide to cancel the party, the deposit already paid will be used as a cancellation fee. If the cancellation is due to illness and/or the party can be rearranged at a convenient date and time, there is no cancellation fee and the deposit will be carried forward. If no deposit has been taken, a cancellation fee of 50% of the original fee is payable should the booking be cancelled within 14 days of the event.
Q20: How much do you charge?
We are not able to give you an exact price here on the website as Dave covers such a wide area and provides so many different types of entertainment from birthday parties to large outdoor events. All shows are individually priced depending on the requirements of the client. The best thing to do is to get in touch with Dave to discuss your needs. See our Contact Us page for full details.
Q21: How much time do you need to set up?
Dave's set up time will depend on the type of entertainment you have booked. For a birthday party Dave only needs a few minutes to set up but for larger outdoor events and junior or school discos he will need more time. The exact time that Dave needs for setting up will be on your confirmation letter and Dave will also confirm the set up times prior to the event.
Q22: What if you are ill on the day and cannot attend the party?
In all the many years Dave has been performing he has never failed to turn up at a party or event. However Dave cannot predict the future and in the unlikely occurence of him being unable to attend your event or party, he would do his very best to find a suitable replacement for you. If this were to happen any deposit already paid would be refunded.
Q23: Do you ever work outside?
Yes! Dave performs outside but please have a back up plan in case of bad weather such as rain or strong winds. If you are having the party in the garden please make sure that all distractions, such as garden toys, are out of the way. Trampolines, swings and slides also need to be made out of bounds if possible. It's also a good idea to have some shade from the sun, for the children as well as Dave.
Q24: Can you attend our charity event for free or a reduced fee?
Dave already supports two local children's charities and has done so for many years. Because of this, while Dave is always happy to attend charity events, he regretfully cannot make any concessions to his usual fee.
Q25: How long have you been a children's entertainer?
Dave has been a children's entertainer for many years and has over 20 years experience in the entertainment industry. In that time he has turned his hand to all sorts of things from calling Bingo and hosting Quiz Nights to playing costume characters.
Q26: Do you do different shows?
Dave has many different shows and routines and can easily make changes if the children have seen him before. However sometimes children love to see the same show again and again. Dave always keeps a record of what he does at each party or event so if you want a change of show or some different routines please let Dave know.
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