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For events such as Fetes, Fun-Days, Carnivals, Corporate Promotional Events, Hotels, Restaurants and any occasion where children's entertainment is required, Dave has just the show for you.
Dave's Magic Show

Dave can provide his comedy magic show with lots of fun and laughter, balloon modelling and audience participation. He can even include a real live rabbit produced by magic. Dave can either do one show or several shows over the course of the day or afternoon.

Each show can be slightly different if the audience is the same. Dave's shows are ideal for all sorts of events and occasions, large or small, inside or outdoors, Dave always attracts a large crowd.

Dave's Balloon Modelling

Balloon animals are great entertainment and can add colour and fun to your event. Dave's many different colourful creations are ideal for mix-and-mingle events. Children love to see balloon models created right in front of them. Dave can either do this in one location or while walking about at your event. This is ideal were space is limited but you still require children's entertainment.

Dave regularly performs in restaurants and hotels and balloon modelling is also ideal for promotional events as well as shopping centres, garden centres etc.

Dave with his Dog

Dave can provide his wonderful walkabout entertainment at your event. This includes puppets and balloon modelling, walkabout magic and plate spinning. He can also bring a real live rabbit-in-hat along as part of his walkabout entertainment.

Dave can mix and mingle at your event guaranteeing much fun and laughter. Ideal for fetes, carnivals and fun days.

Dave's Punch & Judy Show

Dave provides a traditional Punch & Judy show. The show is enjoyed by children and adults alike and always draws a big crowd. Dave uses hand-carved wooden puppets and an instantly recognisable red and white striped Punch & Judy booth. Ideal for any type of event or occasion whether inside or outdoors.

For more information about the show please visit the Punch & Judy section of Dave's Website.

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